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You don’t have to be a pay-per-click expert to improve the performance of your Ads account. Find helpful advice and how-tos in this series of 3 downloadable PDFs, created to coach you through steps to real improvement.

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Improve Keyword Targeting

Find What's Working & Stop Wasting Money

Are you wasting money on pay-per-click advertising because you’re not sure what’s really working for you – or how to find out? Unfortunately, it’s likely. Fortunately, you can take a step towards the right solution, right now. Download our non-technical overview of where to find Google Ads insights and common money-wasting mistakes. Then put that information to work, with a few intelligent adjustments to your Ads account.

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Improve Ad Group Relevance

Best Practices for Grouping Keywords in Google Ads

Keyword grouping is one of the most important, most ignored pay-per-click marketing techniques. Choosing to group your keywords, or changing the way you do it, will benefit your PPC campaign in all kinds of ways. What do we mean? Simply this: highly organized groups translate directly to high performance and high ROI. Download our PDF on best practices to start realizing the potential of your Google Ads account.

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Improve Content Engagement

5 Ways to Boost Content Engagement & Quality Score

Your level of content engagement, Google Ads Quality Score, and PPC pricing are all connected. Improve one, and the others follow suit. But how do you do it? Stronger connections between your keywords, ads and landing page content are the answer. Download a PDF now to learn 5 easy ways to create the stronger connections you need, so you can get the Quality Score and PPC prices you want.

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