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You’ll get actionable results and better understanding with a free report from ClickScore. This unique tool was invented by the online growth and data science experts at Clickscore, to help people like you get more from money invested in Google Ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You want less mystery around digital marketing. We do too. Let’s start with some answers to clear up confusion about ClickScore and some common pay-per-click marketing terms.

  • Why is it a good idea to have ClickScore evaluate Google Ads?

    It’s crucial to know where your keywords stand, see what’s holding them back, and understand the quality of your post-click experience. This is what makes it possible to optimize Google Ads strategy and ROI. But with a constantly evolving online world, it can be hard for even the most experienced marketing manager to keep up. ClickScore shines a light on important insights, saving time and helping you take the right actions.

  • How does ClickScore protect Google Ads account security and login credentials?

    Security is something we take very seriously, we do everything to ensure your data is safe and secure. To run ClickScore, we only gain read-only access to analyze your data. Your account is still protected by Google and you have complete control over your account.

  • What’s included with a free report from ClickScore?

    Created by people who are serious about the science of online search, ClickScore does a thorough analysis of keywords, match types, quality scores, negative keyword usage, campaign longevity and your particular industry. A free ClickScore report includes scores in three essential areas of PPC performance: keyword relevancy, negative keywords and quality score. These scores are benchmarks for potential, that take on true meaning when combined with the information we include to help with score interpretation and corrective actions: details about the meaning of each score, insights to increase efficiency, and ideas to eliminate waste.

  • What is keyword relevancy, and why do I care about it?

    Keyword relevancy impacts how your PPC campaigns ultimately perform. Relevancy matters because if you’re choosing the wrong keywords then you’re in the wrong online search “conversations,” and can miss valuable opportunities to connect with customers online. ClickScore evaluates keyword relevancy by measuring results, and this information provides a clear path for your ideal campaign strategy.

  • What are negative keywords? Am I missing out if I don’t use them?

    Negative keywords tell Google Ads not to display your ad when someone’s search entry includes them. They help ensure your ads show up only for people looking for what you offer, and help keep PPC budgets in check. If you were, for example, a food truck selling dessert sandwiches made with chocolate chip cookies and frozen custard, you might choose “gluten free” and “lactose free” for negative keywords, because your cookies aren’t gluten free and your custard is made with real dairy.

  • What is the significance of my quality score from Google Ads?

    Google provides a quality score for keywords, ads, and landing pages that are all connected. They use a scale from 1 to 10, with higher numbers being better quality. To assign a quality score, Google reviews the ad you connect to a particular keyword grouping (or campaign), as well as the post-click landing page that you send people to after clicking your ad. When there is a better content match – or more keyword search relevancy within the entire experience you offer – you have a higher quality score.

  • Still have questions?

    Feel free to ask Clickscore directly, by phone or email. One of our PPC experts will get back to you in 24 hours or less.

What You Get

Learn what you’re doing right, what needs work, and how to improve.

ClickScore prepares your free report in just seconds, but don’t let that blazing speed create any doubt about the value of your results. ClickScore’s sophisticated analysis is based on the knowledge of practiced PPC experts. Your report includes topline scores in three key areas, plus helpful details about how to take advantage of opportunities for improvement.

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ClickScore is fast, free and secure.

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