Negative Keyword Additions

Hire a ClickScore expert to create a list of recommended negative keywords, review them with you, and even load them into your Google Ads Account.

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Stop wasting money on clicks that don’t convert.

What would your business look like if you converted more visitors to your site from your online advertising programs? Negative keyword additions are a foundational building block to targeting your customers more effectively.

Get started by running your ClickScore report now.

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  • Reduce WasteClickScore’s experts can identify areas of your account where you’re spending 50-400% more than you should for a click.
  • Learn What WorksOnline search behavior is always changing. A full account audit can identify which audiences are worth targeting in your advertising campaigns.
  • Find New CustomersClickScore’s audit techniques will identify areas of your account where improvements can be made to reach customers that haven’t found you online before.

Custom pricing that fits your budget

In 30 seconds, ClickScore analyzes your PPC campaigns and diagnoses how to reduce wasted budgets and maximize ROI.

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Select a product and ClickScore will automatically analyze your account and provide you with custom pricing to fit your budget.

Gain Exposure

Keyword List Expansion

Increase online visibility & hit your Google Ads spending targets each month with a larger, strategically designed keyword list our experts build specifically for you.

Optimize Ad Groups

Google Ads Account Build

Highly organized groups translate directly to high performance and high return on investment. ClickScore experts will build (or rebuild) your account for success.

Increase Account Success

Full Account Audit

An entire account audit will identify specifically what areas need improvement for increasing your ROI on the budget you are spending on Google Ads.