• Better Clients
  • Grow Your Agency
  • Better Rates

Sick of wasting your time on proposals only to be overlooked and undervalued?

Outdated practices like the traditional RFP process are no longer up to par with current demands. It’s inefficient and time intensive; it also restricts transparency and creates an unnecessary cost burden on businesses. ClickScore provides an innovative alternative that focuses on facilitating purely merit based partnership opportunities for Agency Rockstars like you!

Stand out from the crowd and lead your industry

Leveraging your ClickScores is the simplest way to prove your expertise — you don’t have to talk the talk or endlessly knock on doors; just show real data on how your accounts perform.


Prove your expertise

Rather than having to prove your expertise, leverage your ClickScores to show real data to your prospects about how well your accounts perform.


Command better rates

ClickScores will support the rates you command if you are worth it. Since your ClickScores are rooted in assessing value, efficiency and performance.


Reduce sales time

When you can prove your worth by sharing simple easy to understand assessments of your work, you can spend less time on the dog and pony show and more time focused on making progress with your clients.


Cherry pick your clients

Or rather, let your clients cherry pick you! Either way, when clients and agencies are connected using by matching needs with expertise, everyone wins.

Here’s How ClickScore Works And Why It’s Your Secret Weapon

Works with Google, Facebook and Amazon

ClickScore fully supports Google Ads. By request we can also provide your ClickScores for Facebook and Amazon!

It’s Like A Credit Score For PPC

If you understand how Credit Scores work (0-900), you will understand how your account is performing., its that easy.

Validate Your Expertise

Think you pull out all the stops to reduce waste and inefficiencies for your accounts? You can have and share your ClickScores in minutes.

Create Agency / Client Alignment

Client needs a good B2B marketer, well with your great performing B2B accounts, convincing great clients your their solution will be easier than ever.

I built ClickScore
because I’ve been in
your shoes...

Communicating your expertise to a non expert is hard. Something to do with borrowed trust. After writing hundreds of RFP’s.The credibility to close the deal. Why is your customers brand they only way for people to judge your worth? The easy button for a sales pitch.

Getting started couldn’t be any easier

Create/Connect Your Account

Just click that "Get Your ClickScore" and create an account. Choose the accounts you want to get ClickScores for and your off to the races.

Get Your ClickScores

Once you have your account setup and linked to Google Ads, you can run your ClickScores and track them over time. What will you uncover in the ClickScore report?

Land Profitable Clients

When you have confirmed you are the Rockstar you believed yourself to be.... start leveraging your ClickScore to show expertise and close deals.

Overcome objections / FAQ section

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ClickScore is ready to help you. Click the "Chat with an Expert" link in the footer of the site.

Secure servers protect what's entered on this site, and ClickScore never shares Google Ads login credentials or data for any reason.

Unless you share your google account information with anyone, no one will have access to your ClickScores. You do have the ability to provide new users access to your ClickScore account as a convince for you.

ClickScore leverages OAuth to access your Google Account information and to approve the ClickScore app to connect to your Google Ads account. Only the email you use to login will be notified by Google.

ClickScore is free and your data is secure, so there is no need to cancel. However if you would like to cancel your account and have us remove your secure data from our servers, we are happy to do that by request.

You can leverage your ClickScore reports and the tools within to help you understand where you should focus your optimization efforts. Generally speaking you would want to ensure that you are doing your best to specifically segment and target audiences, provide clear and relevant ads messaging and ensure their post click experience is top notch.

You have several options. First you can share access to your Google Ads account with someone and they can then login to ClickScore to access it. You could invite them to your account. You could download your ClickScore report to PDFs. We are still working on new ways to share and collaborate!

Feel free to ask ClickScore directly by chat, email, or by submitting your information via a contact form. One of our PPC experts will get back to you in 24 hours or less. Email: info@clickscore.io
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