Over 60% of PPC Agencies manage Google Ads accounts that lead to wasted budgets.

Don’t lose sleep trying to prove the worth of your PPC agency. Immediately learn if they are managing your accounts for success or if you need to find a new Google Ads agency.

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Learn how to cut your Google Ads waste with just one click

In 60 seconds, ClickScore analyzes your PPC campaigns and diagnoses how to reduce wasted budgets and maximize ROI.

Get Digestible Data That Proves Your Agency is Worth The Money

Identify if your agency is using the right keyword data to model, predict, and improve your PPC performance. See how you’re ranking for the optimal mix of broad, phrase and exact match keywords for your intended audience and let ClickScore show you how to improve.

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See If Your Agency Built Landing Pages That Convert Leads Into Customers

With the customer experience constantly evolving it can be difficult to understand where you’re losing customers through your funnel. Get data indicators that are essential to increasing revenue performance and prove your website and landing page experience are optimized for users to convert into paying customers.

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Ditch Vanity Metrics & Increase Ad Relevance For Superior ROAS

Discover if your PPC agency is maximizing your ad group relevance so you’re receiving the highest return on ad spend (ROAS).

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Ensure Your PPC Agency’s Goals Are Accomplishing Your KPI’s

Never again be unsure about your PPC Agency’s reporting software. Your 90-day optimization insights will confirm that every account modification positively affects your digital marketing profits.

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