Even the most skilled Agencies and PPC specialists can find new ways to minimize their client’s Google Ads waste.

Get fast and comprehensive data that pinpoints the obscure Google Ads waste you’re missing.

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Learn how to increase your ROI today

In 60 seconds, ClickScore analyzes your PPC campaigns and diagnoses how to reduce wasted budgets and maximize ROI.

Be A Keyword Targeting Perfectionist

Stop paying for useless keywords. Ensure your company or clients are ranking for the optimal mix of broad, phrase and exact match keywords for their intended audience and industry. Eliminate wasted spend on non-purchasing customers with the right keywords.

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Elevate Your Client's Landing Page Experience & Optimize Their Conversion Rates

Learn if your client’s ad-to-landing-page experiences are optimized for their users to convert. See how to construct more effective landing page experiences and messaging that guarantees their prospect’s clicks turn into cash.

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Strengthen Your Client's Ad Group Relevance For Better Quality Scores

Maximize your client’s ad grouping and messaging for improved Google Ads success. From small account structure changes to full account overhauls, see where you can increase your client’s relevancy and raise quality score to lower their costs.

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Ensure Your Client’s Google Ads Goals Will Accomplish Their Business Goals

Always know how every change affects your client’s account. ClickScore’s 90-day optimization insights show how every change you make positively or negatively affects their profits so you can align their marketing goals to exceed their business goals.

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